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Fentech stone machinery is now entering its 17th year in the stone industry for installations and repairs and consulting. When moving to Australia 12 years ago to a position as foreman in a stone factory to get my foot in the door in Australia to a glass factory to foreman in another stone factory I felt it absolutely necessary to not only know about the machinery but to know the tooling and different stones so that when I come to your factory I come as a package deal, knowing what you need, what works and how it works. All tests on products are done by Fentech to ensure it competes with the best on the market, Fentechs attitude is if it doesnt compete with the best then dont bother offering it to customers, from blades to polishers to cnc tools and pads Fentech assures the highest quality and value for money.

Having prior experience in making kitchens, bedroom suites, dining suites, loung suites while always wanting to become a technician and that goal was achieved. Prior to the stone industry I was a technician in the cabinet making industry,

Prior experience making saw blades for the wood industry, then router bits, then general engineering making coca cola trailers, LPG throttle bodies for cars, Mag wheels for BMW, HOLDEN, FORD (Hotwires and tridens were my favourite mags to make)